Exchange 2010 SP2 Update Rollup 3

It was release yesterday, and I was hoping that it should include the upcoming hotfix for ActiveSync devices regarding the behavior for redirections.

But it was not included this time, anyway.. Here’s the team blog, download link and description about the update rollup.




Quote from team blog:

Note for Forefront Protection for Exchange users  For those of you running Forefront Protection for Exchange, be sure you perform these important steps from the command line in the Forefront directory before and after this rollup’s installation process. Without these steps, Exchange services for Information Store and Transport will not start after you apply this update. Before installing the update, disable ForeFront by using this command: fscutility /disable. After installing the update, re-enable ForeFront by running fscutility /enable.

Update Rollup 2 + Update Rollup 7 released

Update Rollup 2 + Update Rollup 7 released

Yesterday it was released..

I was waiting for the Update Rollup 2 for Exchange 2010 SP2 since it included a hotfix for Exchange ActiveSync devices regarding the error code 451.

If you want to read more about the update, press here.

Before deploying this into Production, make sure to test it before in a test environment.
Also disable Forefront Protection services  before the update is getting installed.


KB (what the update includes)

Update Rollup 7 for Exchange 2007 SP3 was also announced earlier.
More info can be found on the team blog, here.


KB (what the update includes)

For disabling the Forefront Protection for Exchange run the following commands:

”fscutility /disable”
(before upgrade)
”fscutility /enable” (after upgrade)

Exchange 2010 SP2 released

Exchange 2010 SP2 released

Today it was announced that Service Pack 2 for Exchange 2010 is released.
Many of us were looking forward to it since it will give some feature’s that were requested like GAL segmentation and ABP.

Download link:

FYI; there is also a schema update included in this SP, most likely to prepare for O365 coex and/or E15

What’s new in Exchange 2010 SP2

Release Notes

For more information around the GAL segmentation follow the link below

If you find issues related to SP2, post them as comments on the blog and create a post at

Exchange 2010 SP1 Update Rollup 6

Exchange 2010 SP1 Update Rollup 6

Some days ago Update Rollup 6 was released for Exchange 2010 SP1

The Exchange team blog posted some short info around it, check for the comments.
Most of the time the comments are valuable information regarding issues, if there are any..


KB Info
For automatically stop and start the services, check the script at this link, it could be helpful

Before installing it, make sure you have done some test deployments into test environment.

Now, let’s wait for an announcement regarding SP2…

Exchange 2007 SP3 Update Rollup 5

Exchange 2007 SP3 Update Rollup 5

Today Microsoft released Update Rollup 5 for Exchange 2007 SP3

Read about what the update roll will fix:
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2530488 (the link doesn’t seem right, check the download link below, it points to UR3..)
Download link
Make sure you deploy this update into a test environment before deploying it into production!
Leave feedback around the update in the comments field, thanks

Released: Update Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010 SP1

Released: Update Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010 SP1

Update Rollup 5 for Exchange 2010 SP1 have been released.

For feedback and comments have a look at the team blog here:

For downloading the UR5 Exchange 2010 SP1 directly, go to:

KB for what issues have been fixed in the update rollup

Before deploying it into production, make sure you have tested it in a test environment.

Exchange 2010 SP1 Update Rollup 4 v2 released

Yesterdays news…

The UR4 have been re-released as a version 2
More information can be found on the Exchange team blog



Download link:

KB information:

Released: Update Rollup 4 for Exchange 2007 SP3


Update Rollup 4 for Exchange 2007 SP3 have been released.

Have a look at the team blog here: http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2011/07/07/released-update-rollup-4-for-exchange-server-2007-sp3.aspx

For downloading the UR4 Exchange 2010 SP1 directly, go to:

KB for what issues have been fixed in the update rollup




Issues regarding Update Rollup 4 for Exchange 2010 SP1

UR4 have been removed from Download Center, read more about in on the Exchange Team Blog

Paul Cunningham at http://exchangeserverpro.com posted today that there were issues regarding UR4, I just want to highlight about it.
You can read his article here:

And here is one link to the Exchange team blog regarding UR4

If you have deployed it and have some feedback, please share it with us

Feedback (Quote’s from MS blog):
MSFT have escalated it to the Outlook Product team for further investigation.

“After deleting the „servers“ container in one of the old still existing e2003 admin groups through adsiedit, everything’s fine. Public folder content gets replicated as well as the hierarchy.

Regular emails to public folders get delivered as expected.”


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