Summary of year 2014


Fantastic, beautiful, hectic, fun, stressed… well.. this year (2014) got it all! In most ways it has been great 🙂
In the professional way I took the opportunity to join Microsoft AB/MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services) and together with that me and my wife (yes we got married this year too) moved from Malmö to Stockholm in late February 2014.

We had some struggle to find an rental apartment but sorted it out, then sold my old apartment and bought a new one in Stockholm. In the meantime we planned our wedding and had our wedding in May together with family and friends. On the spare time in there between somewhere, I also trained for a 30km running competition in the forests in Stockholm called Lidingöloppet.
In the autumn I think we spent most of our spare time and weekends with renovating the new apartment and finally we are pretty much done, just some minor things to complete now.










At MCS, I’ve been spending a lot of time working with Office 365, with most of its workloads and done deep dive’s into DirSync and Azure AD Sync, AD FS for Office 365 but also working with Exchange on-premise and advanced PowerShell creating identities in Office 365/Azure AD and also been involved in automation an creation of an whole test environment of virtual servers, including applications and settings in Azure using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC).


Goals for 2015:

Health – It’s time to start serious training at the gym again and take care of the health a bit better than 2014. This is no #1 priority for me 🙂

Exchange 2013 PowerShell book update – upcoming 3rd edition of the success story (Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 PowerShell Cookbook: Second Edition) is planned to be released in June/July 2015. Now based on PowerShell v4/v5 and also includes Desired State Configuration (DSC). For more news about this use the link above and follow me on twitter.

Career – The plan is to dig into details about SharePoint, Azure, Lync, FIM/MIM.. many things to learn!

Together with a colleague planning to release a cross-platform “App” to Windows Phone, iPhone and Android. Keep you’re eyes open here for more news about that!

Summary of year 2013

Summary of year 2013

happy-new-year-2014-wallpaper-4The final post of this year is a summary of 2013, the year that gave my career a real boost.

Before this year started I had a few goals, one of them was to get the MCM/MCSM: Exchange approved from the company I’m working for. This was accomplished and a few weeks later it was announced that Microsoft Learning cancelled them. On the private level I proposed to my fiancée and we are getting married in May 2014 :).

Regarding work and projects, I’ve been involved in a few great assignments, all long term. It started in the autumn of 2012, my tasks within the project was finalized in February 2013, it was as far as I know the first project in Sweden that involved a coexistence between on-premise Domino mail solution and Microsoft Office 365. This was accomplished by using Dell Software’s Coexistence Manager for Notes. The project itself gave some great challenges and in the end a very happy customer.

In February I started a new long term assignment at a very large retail company were I was brought in as an Exchange and PowerShell expert and I helped them develop their mail platform, as an example, it could be tasks around provisioning objects into the mail platform. During this project I’ve developed my PowerShell knowledge and skills even more and come to know lots of great people, and probably one of the best managers I’ve ever worked with. I do hope that someday in the future we will all work together again, it would be lots of fun.

As a result of my work from February to August, I were also brought in as the technical lead since I’ve previously been involved in these kind of projects. This project is ongoing and will be finalized in February/March 2014. Pilots are running fine and the full-scale migration will start in the beginning in next year.

Another thing I’m very proud of is one of my private accomplishments, that the book got released in May 2013. If you for any reason haven’t seen it and want to learn more PowerShell for Exchange, have a look at it. Follow the link:

As a side project on my spare time, I’ve been writing on a series of migration articles using Dell Software’s products and a couple of scripts have been published during the year. Hopefully these publications have been of great value to you.

Regarding the goals for 2014, I will come back to them within a few weeks with some news that aren’t official yet.

Finally I want to thank everyone that has been retweeting my articles on Twitter, and also to those that have been involved in one way or another regarding my blog and book. I’m looking forward to the challenges that 2014 will bring us all.
I wish you all a happy new year!


A summary of year 2012

A summary of year 2012

It has been an amazing year for me in many ways, both private and work related things.
But this post keeps the focus on the work related things..

I’ve been involved in a couple of really interesting projects such as a large coexistence between Domino and Exchange (45-50k users), coexistence between Domino and Office 365. Also migrated lots of mailboxes from Domino to Exchange. Besides the “complex” migration projects, I’ve also been involved in a large Exchange transition and storage design with 25-30k users for a customer.

Together with all these projects I was one of the lucky people that were sent to Orlando in September for attending the MEC 2012, which was really good. Lots of great new contents to me and lots of interesting people.

Regarding the community related things, I’m not active anymore at the TechNet forum because I want to spend that time of sharing articles with you out there instead. The forum is a great place to ask questions or search for issues. This post is written the 27th and the 28th of December, at that time I can look back and see that lots of people have found my blog and hopefully you find it attractive. The blog have had around 90k visitors and 130k pageviews year 2012, compared with 2011 which had 40k visitors and 50k pageviews, which is an amazing growth!

I did write a couple of new fresh posts about Exchange 2013, when it still was in a preview version.
I’m really happy that I did post these and shared them with you, in the end I got an offer from Packt Publishing to write an update on a book that Mike Pfeiffer wrote for Exchange 2010 SP1, called “Microsoft Exchange 2010 PowerShell Cookbook” which is a true honor to me that I’m really proud of. So you might have wondered why I haven’t posted so much this autumn, there’s the answer 🙂

Now, I just want to say thanks to all of you out there that keeps reading my blog and comment on posts! Happy new year everyone! See you out there in 2013 🙂