Here’s a list with published articles made by me

How to guides  
Basic guides
A little how-to-guide about how to install Exchange 2010 SP1
Basic Configuration of Exchange 2010 SP1
Update the legacy email address policy’s on Exchange 2007/2010 after migration from Exchange 2000/2003
 How to configure OWA for Exchange 2007
Client Access
Configuration of the OWA automatic logoff time on Exchange 2007
How-to get the Coexistence between Exchange 2003 and 2007 to work
How-to configure Coexistence between 2003 and 2010
How-to publish OWA with UAG
How-to publish Exchange services (OWA, EAS and OA) with TMG
How-to configure the glitch retry internal in Exchange 2003
How-to create a relay connector
Troubleshooting and managing receive connector
How-to generate signatures automatically
Configure the database size limit after applied SP2 to Exchange 2003
High Availability and Disaster Recovery
A guide about how-to restore single user mailbox using DPM 2010 (Beta 2)
How-to create a Database Availability Group (DAG)
Do a recovery installation for Exchange 2007 and 2010
How-to perform a Cross-forest Migration
Quest articles
How-to install and configure Quest MessageStats
How-to migrate from IBM Lotus Domino to Exchange 2010 with Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange
How-to install and configure Quest Coexistence Manager for Notes
Issues that I’ve posted articles about  
I couldn’t do a failover since the content index was in failed state
After installation of Exchange 2010 HUB/CAS and MBX server the database doesn’t show up
Entourage issues with Exchange 2007 on Windows 2008
Common question about why Outlook 2003 can’t connect to mailbox located on Exchange 2010 server
Problems sending mail to internal distribution lists
Error in System Manager when trying to manage the Public Folders
Problems with Folder Hierarchies within Public Folders, usually because these haven’t been moved to the new administrative group