Exchange 2010

Generated Signatures with Exchange 2010


After some requests and questions from customers that want to use any type of signature and of course the less 3rd part products the better and lower costs.

This could be done with the built-in tools and services!
There are a lot of posts on Internet how to do this, but I want to show you by myself, that’s why this post will be published.

This task is a pretty basic thing to accomplish with a Transport Rule, if you want to try it by yourself just follow my text and pictures.

Start by logging onto any of your Exchange 2010 servers and start Exchange Management Console (EMC)

Go to Organization Configuration -> Hub Transport -> Transport Rules

Create a new Transport Rule

The conditions; Apply this rules to messages from users that are Inside the organization and sent to Outside the organization.

Actions; Append disclaimer text

Then it’s time for editing the Disclaimer text, the nice thing here is that the AD attributes can be used. Let’s show an example.

If the text on the picture is too small, here’s the example:

Best Regards<br><br>
%%displayName%% | %%title%%<br>
%%company%% | %%department%%<br>

Finish J