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C#.NET – List all mailboxes

Since I promised to put the source code and the application here on the blog, so here it is.

The source code can be downloaded here.

It’s not any kind of advanced application, it lists all mailboxes in the environment it’s connected to.
The connection is done by using Remote PowerShell and can be configured in the Settings tab.

The importance to get the application working is to have Remote PowerShell configured for the connecting user.
And don’t forget if you’re using HTTPS the certificate names needs to be in place, or else it won’t work.

Feel free to use the code and customize it.
Just notify me or have a link the my blog.

There is a barrier before getting started and really learn and understand C#.Net so I want to thank Peter Ericsson, Martin Sundström and Mike Pfeiffer for some kind tips and tricks.
(Press their names for being redirected to their blogs.)

Thanks for your help

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