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Out of Office and Free/Busy doesn’t work



I’ve seen so many threads on the TechNet forum now so i thought it was time for a blog post around this topic.


I hit into trouble when the Out of Office (OoO) and Free Busy (F/B) functions didn’t work.
It started with troubleshooting it regarding certificate, names, URL’s and autodiscover testing.

Everything looked OK, but still the functions were out of order..

This issue will apply on both Exchange 2007 and 2010 as far as I know.


When using Outlook 2007 or newer and a user wants to configure his/her OoO, Outlook uses the EWS/Autodiscover functions and here we go.

This issue can be solved in the following way

  • Check the current config/settings
  • Check the certificate
  • DNS settings


  1. Check the following settings using the cmd-lets

Get-OwaVirtualDirectory | fl name, path, *url*
Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory | fl name, path, *url*
Get-OabVirtualDirectory | fl name, path, *url*
Get-ActiveSyncVirtualDirectory | fl name, path, *url*
Get-AutodiscoverVirtualDirectory | fl name, path, *url*
Get-ClientAccessServer | fl name, *uri*

Save the results from those commands and compare the names to the certificate since the names in the settings needs in the certificate.


  1. Check the included names in the certificate

Get-ExchangeCertificate | fl certificatedomains,services,status,notbefore,issuer

Let’s compare the results with each other..


  1. DNS settings

The DNS settings were OK since a SRV record was created for the Autodiscover function internally and it was tested successfully using

Test-OutlookWebServices -Identity klas.andersson@target.local




In my case, it looked OK but still didn’t function and we did a lot of research around the issue and found that a delete and recreate of the virtual directories (vdir) should solve the issue.

But that wasn’t the case..

We successfully deleted the EWS vdir but couldn’t create a new one since the prompt was telling us that the object was already in the Active Directory.

The picture below shows the error message


However, the command we run did create the EWS vdir, but without any path, so it’s impossible to use it and it couldn’t be configured using the “Set” command either.


The only option for solving this issue will be to remove the CAS role and then reinstall it.
This can easily be done using the Exchange media (ISO or extracted files)..

Start up an elevated command prompt and go to the path of the media and run:

Setup /mode:uninstall /roles:ca

When the procedure is completed, let’s restart the server.


When the server has been restarted, let’s start up an elevated command prompt again and reinstall the CAS role using:

Setup /mode:install /role:ca


When the installation is done, I would recommend to restart the server again to fresh it up.

When it’s started up, let’s check the settings:

Get-WebServicesVirtualDirectory | fl

Here we see that the path have been added..
So let’s try the OoO function using Outlook 2010, pressing File-> Info -> Automatic Replies (Out of Office).

Here we go J


Hope this information will become valuable for anyone that hit into the same problem that I did.

To me this seems to be a bug that the vdirs cannot be removed and then cannot be recreated.
Hopefully we will not see these kinds of errors in the future J

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