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MSExchangeSA service doesn’t start

MSExchangeSA service doesn’t start

Published: 2011-11-17
Updated: 2011-11-20
Version: 1.1

A while ago I got a power outage within my lab, so nothing serious this time..
But anyway I got a problem with that the service “MSExchangeSA” didn’t start and it couldn’t be started manually.

And this needs to be said before you will follow and steps here, I think this is unsupported…
With that said, use the information below on your own risk.
But it worked for me this time.

Those errors below did appear in the event viewer when I tried to start the service manually.

Finally we had the message that it failed to start so I started digging after related errors.
And found errors around Kerberos and PAC..

After some time trying to find solution on this error I found some post that told them to rejoin the server to the domain.
Since this is a lab I was giving it a try and it worked for me.

I started to reset the computer account for the server in DSA.MSC.

The next step was to remove the server from the domain and move into workgroup “mode”.
Make sure that you know the local administrator account before restarting, then restart the server.

When it has been restarted, logon with the local administrator account and rejoin it into the domain again and give it a restart.

When it has been restarted, verify the services and the event viewer.
In my case the service did start up perfectly and without errors in the event viewer

Hope this helps someone that might hit into the same issue

A helpful comment received from Lee Benjamin, a trick to rejoin the server with only in a single step..
In the Domain field, enter the NetBIOS name of the Domain. In your example that would likely be “target” (instead of target.local).
In the rename process, the name will be automatically be expanded. Then only a single reboot is necessary.

Thanks a lot Lee for the helpful trick!

Exchange 2010 SP1 Update Rollup 6

Exchange 2010 SP1 Update Rollup 6

Some days ago Update Rollup 6 was released for Exchange 2010 SP1

The Exchange team blog posted some short info around it, check for the comments.
Most of the time the comments are valuable information regarding issues, if there are any..

KB Info
For automatically stop and start the services, check the script at this link, it could be helpful

Before installing it, make sure you have done some test deployments into test environment.

Now, let’s wait for an announcement regarding SP2…