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Upcoming book publication | Exchange 2013 SP1 – PowerShell v5

I wanted to let you all know that a second book will soon be released, about Exchange 2013 SP1 and PowerShell v5. At a current stage using PS v5 with 2013 SP1 isn’t supported. However, there are some new great things around it and those will be brought up in the book. I have received […]

Exchange 2016 Preview | vNext

Yesterday, Swedish time Exchange 2016 preview was announced being able for public download. Since I do work for Microsoft, I don’t want to write about any release time frame, the Product Group (PG) has said later this year. If you want to read more about the preview from the PG, see the link: A direct link […]

Skype for Business preview

The public preview version for Skype for Business has now been released. Go ahead, download and evaluate Link: More information:

Summary of year 2014

Summary: Fantastic, beautiful, hectic, fun, stressed… well.. this year (2014) got it all! In most ways it has been great In the professional way I took the opportunity to join Microsoft AB/MCS (Microsoft Consulting Services) and together with that me and my wife (yes we got married this year too) moved from Malmö to Stockholm […]

Address Book Policy using Exchange Online (Office 365)

The question were raised a couple of times and I couldn’t find any related articles besides the official TechNet articles, so I decided to write one myself. Some organizations have the need of separating people from seeing each other in the global address list (GAL), this is known as GAL segmentation and have been on […]

Populate extensionAttribute with value using PowerShell

Implementing ADFS using the new feature within KB2919355 for Windows Server 2012 R2 called Alternative Login ID? ( The configuration for Alternative Login ID is fairly simple, the extensionAttributes/CustomAttributes can be used and I want to share a script with you for populating values into the attributes. Use the script as much as you want, […]

Update: Exchange 2013 script – automatic installation of prerequisites v2.1 *NEW*

Update: Exchange 2013 script – automatic installation of prerequisites v2.1 *NEW*PS

*Update* ********************************************************************************************************************************************* Reuben Welsh came up with a great feature request regarding verifying the checksum of the files that’s being installed. This has been implemented in the version 2.1 of the script. ********************************************************************************************************************************************* For a year ago I was publishing a script that helped with installing prerequsites for Exchange 2013, this has now been updated so […]

Congratulations 2014 Microsoft MVP!

Congratulations 2014 Microsoft MVP!mvplogosmall

This year started in the best possible way when I received the MVP Award for Exchange Server, I’m honored and very proud over this special recognition! I want to give out lots of thanks to everyone out there for visiting this blog, buying and reading the PowerShell book and other activities I’ve been involved in. […]

Summary of year 2013

Summary of year 2013happy-new-year-2014-wallpaper-4

The final post of this year is a summary of 2013, the year that gave my career a real boost. Before this year started I had a few goals, one of them was to get the MCM/MCSM: Exchange approved from the company I’m working for. This was accomplished and a few weeks later it was […]

Part 8: Configuring Coexistence Manager for Notes with Office 365

Part 8: Configuring Coexistence Manager for Notes with Office 365cloud-computing-migration-strategy

Published: 2013-12-20 Updated: – Version: 1.0 Since the previous post took us through the technical prerequisites, these should now be ready and in place for installing and configuring Coexistence Manager for Notes (CMN). Before going into any details, if you are planning to do have a coexistence scenario between Domino and Exchange, you may want […]